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Derek Landseidel

Derek Landseidel portrait
ESL Teacher
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5000

Hey! My name is Derek Landseidel. I recieved my Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota in 2015. I began teaching in the 2015. I am a Bloomington native, went to Bloomington Public Schools growing up, and love working in the district now teaching ESL. Outside of teaching, I train for marathons and run year-round and spend time outdoors. 

Class Name Periods
SS2008B 4 US History B 1
EL2005B 1 Level 3 EL Reading & Writing B 2
TA2028 1 TA EL 2
EL2005B 2 Level 3 EL Reading & Writing B 3
SS2008B 6 US History B 4
EL2002B 1 Level 1 EL Language Skills B 6
AD2000 4 Advisory AD