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Josea Eggink

Josea Eggink portrait
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-6354

Josea grew up in Indiana and attended Indiana University (in another Bloomington!) where she earned a bachelor’s degree in flute performance and a master’s degree in mathematics. She began her teaching career at Columbus North High School in 2001 and moved to the Twin Cities 11 years ago. When she is not teaching, Josea enjoys traveling, going to the theater, finding good restaurants, and spending time with her husband (Troy), sons (Ty and Remy), and dog (Teddy).

Class Name Periods
MA2046C 1 Honors Pre-Calculus C 1
MA2004C 2 Geometry C 2
MA2004C 3 Geometry C 3
MA2004C 7 Geometry C 5
MA2046C 2 Honors Pre-Calculus C 6
AD2010 2 Advisory 10 AD