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Grady Garman

Grady Garman portrait
EBD Teacher
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5132


As I begin by seventh year at Kennedy I continue to look forward to both the challenges and rewards of special education!  I enjoyed my summer working for the AUSM up in Bemidji at Camp Discovery, fly fishing, biking, and hanging with my dog. My passion is teaching and guiding young people who have challenges socially and academically as a result of an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  My goal as a teacher is to open up as much as the world (with all it's opportunities and challenges) to students with Autism.  There are so many unique personalities and amazing skills present in the students I work with I truly see it as an honor to guide them in developing their skills and personalities on the path to greater independence and peace.


Grady Garman-SAILS Special Education Teacher

W: 952-681-5132


Class Name Periods
SP2061A 1 Sails Plus Math A 1
SP2064A 1 Sails Plus Trans & Soc Suc 1 A 2
SP2061A 2 Sails Plus Math A 5
SP2063A 1 Sails Plus Social Studies 1 A 6
TA2024 3 TA Special Ed 6
AA2000 9 Activity Course ACTV
AD2000 6 Advisory AD
AD2009 9 Advisory 9 AD