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Elizabeth Cruz

Elizabeth Cruz portrait
ESL Teacher
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-6795
ESL Instructor Metro So
Metro South ABE
(952) 681-6795

The 2017-2018 school year is my 13th year teaching and my 11th year teaching in Bloomington. I attended Bloomington Public Schools from K-12th grades and got licensed to teach ESL K-12 and elementary education K-6 after graduating from Iowa State University. In 2011 I completed a Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis on Differentiated Instruction from Concordia University. I have been fortunate to have a variety of experiences teaching ESL, including all grades K-12, as well as teaching in a bilingual school.  I also teach adult ESL two nights a week at Metro South.

Please be sure to visit my youtube channel to practice English!

Go to the Kennedy EL Grammar and Writing Moodle Page to find grammar and writing lessons & practice.  (You must have a Hub username and password)

MetroSouth ABE students click here for the class website.

Class Name Periods Class Info Site
EL2003C 1 Level 2 EL Grammar & Writing C 1 Yes Yes
EL3003 1 Ep Esl 1 Yes Yes
TA2028 7 TA EL 1
EL2003C 2 Level 2 EL Grammar & Writing C 2 Yes Yes
TA2028 9 TA EL 2
EL2001C 1 Level 1 EL Reading C 4 Yes Yes
TA2028 5 TA EL 4
EL2006C 1 Level 2/3 EL Nonfiction Read C 5 Yes Yes
EL2006C 2 Level 2/3 EL Nonfiction Read C 6 Yes Yes
AD2000 3 Advisory AD