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Bryan Legrand

Language Arts
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5140

Mr. Legrand is in his 13th year teaching Language Arts in Bloomington, having taught in the Minneapolis Public Schools before coming to our fair city. Mr. Legrand has a B.A. in English from Carleton College and an M.Ed. in English Education from the University of Minnesota. Prior to entering the teaching profession, Mr. Legrand was a Senior Systems Analyst designing software for Retek Inc., now a subsidiary of Oracle. These days he claims he hates computers and loves books. We'll take his word on it.

Class Name Periods Calendar
LA2008A 3 English 11 American Lit A 2 Yes
LA2008A 4 English 11 American Lit A 3 Yes
LA2008A 6 English 11 American Lit A 4 Yes
LA2017A 1 AP English Lang & Comp A 5 Yes
TA2013 6 TA Language Arts 5
LA2008A 7 English 11 American Lit A 6 Yes
AD2011 5 Advisory 11 AD