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Rebekah Holman

Rebekah Holman portrait
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5161
Ms. Holman teaches biology, anatomy and physiology, and ESL biology. She received her BS in biology from Bethel University and did her graduate work at the U of M.
Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
EL2013B 1 EL Biology Inclusion 10 B 1 Yes Yes Yes
EL2013B 2 EL Biology Inclusion 10 B 2 Yes Yes Yes
EL2011B 1 Level 3 Biology B 3 Yes Yes Yes
EL2011B 2 Level 3 Biology B 5 Yes Yes Yes
SC2017B 1 Anatomy & Physiology B 6 Yes Yes Yes
AD2010 16 Advisory 10 AD
AD2001 739 Academic Seminar ASEM