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Kezelee Jones

Kezelee Jones portrait
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5131
I have taught mathematics at Kennedy since 2003. Before that, I was employed as a math teacher with Minneapolis School district. My wife (Julie) and I have 4 “wonderful” kids. I enjoy playing and coaching soccer. I look forward to an exciting school year
Class Name Periods
MA2004B 1 Geometry B 1
EL2009B 1 EL Int Algebra Support B 2
TA2015 28 TA Math 2
EL2008B 1 Level 1 EL Intermediate Alg B 3
EL2016B 1 Level 2 EL Intermediate Alg B 4
MA2004B 9 Geometry B 6
AD2009 7 Advisory 9 AD
AD2001 744 Academic Seminar ASEM