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Liem Vu

Liem Vu portrait
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5112

I was born in south Vietnam and immigrated to Ames, Iowa in 1990. After three years in Iowa, my parents and I moved to Bloomington, Minnesota. After graduating from Kennedy High, I attended the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology for my undergrad and the U of MN college of education for my master.

I believe that if our students are supported by our community and choose to work hard, they will be successful in all of their classes.

Class Name Periods
SC2010C 1 Conceptual Chemistry C 1
TA2022 5 TA Science 1
SC2010C 2 Conceptual Chemistry C 2
TA2022 15 TA Science 2
SC2011C 4 General Chemistry C 3
SC2011C 7 General Chemistry C 4
SC2011C 9 General Chemistry C 5
SC2011C 11 General Chemistry C 6
AD2011 12 Advisory 11 AD