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John Raymond

Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5123

This is my 21th year of teaching and 15th here at Kennedy. I have been teaching mostly Geometry for the last several years. I also coach golf here at Kennedy. I really enjoy coaching hockey and reffing football. I very much enjoy trying to lower my handicap on the golf course.

Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar
MA2005B 1 Geometry/Biology Support B 1 Yes Yes
MA2005B 2 Geometry/Biology Support B 2 Yes Yes
TA2015 13 TA Math 2
MA2004B 4 Geometry B 3 Yes Yes
TA2015 18 TA Math 3
MA2009B 1 Honors Geometry B 4 Yes Yes
MA2009B 2 Honors Geometry B 5 Yes Yes
TA2015 11 TA Math 5
MA2009B 3 Honors Geometry B 6 Yes Yes
AD2012 14 Advisory 12 AD