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Daniel Bushendorf

Daniel Bushendorf portrait
World Languages
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5000

Dan Bushendorf has worked for Bloomington Public Schools since 1999 when he was hired to teach at Kennedy High School.  He spent 9 years at Kennedy High School, teaching Spanish and English as a Second Language.  Mr. Bushendorf then spent four years in Bloomington middle schools.  Mr. Bushendorf returned to Kennedy High School in 2013.

Originally from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Mr. Bushendorf graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison before completing his Masters in Education at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.  Having lived in Spain for 4+ years and also having traveled in other parts of the Spanish-speaking world, Mr. Bushendorf has a passion for languages and cultures that he hopes to share with his students.  Dan has traveled with students to Mexico and will travel with students to Peru in 2018.

Dan has also been the varsity head coach for Kennedy Boys Soccer since 2009. 

Class Name Periods Calendar
WL2024B 1 Spanish 4 B 1 Yes
WL2025B 1 Spanish 5 B 1 Yes
TA2026 14 TA World Language 2
WL2024B 2 Spanish 4 B 2 Yes
WL2025B 2 Spanish 5 B 2 Yes
TA2026 15 TA World Language 3
WL2022B 5 Spanish 2 B 3 Yes
TA2026 1 TA World Language 4
WL2022B 1 Spanish 2 B 4 Yes
WL2022B 3 Spanish 2 B 5 Yes
AD2000 18 Advisory AD
AD2001 716 Academic Seminar ASEM