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Joseph Zimmermann

Joseph Zimmermann portrait
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5129

I started teaching math at JFK in 2007 and before that I was at Olson Middle School for 7 years. I have also taught in Lakeville (MN), Waukesha (WI), Milwaukee (WI), and San Diego (CA). I really enjoy JFK, I think the staff is excellent, the diversity in the school is a lot of fun, the athletics are exciting, and I really like the direction that the school is going academically.

Besides teaching math, I also coach volleyball at Visitation. I'm often asked why I do not coach at Kennedy and my response is always the same - I assisted at a larger school and I know how difficult it is, as a head coach I like the small school atmosphere.


Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
MA2004C 3 Geometry C 2 Yes Yes Yes
MA2013C 1 Algebra 2 Support C 3
SP2096C 1 Algebra 2 Inclusion Support C 3
MA2004C 6 Geometry C 4 Yes Yes Yes
MA2016C 4 Honors Algebra 2 C 5 Yes Yes Yes
MA2016C 5 Honors Algebra 2 C 6 Yes Yes Yes
AD2011 19 Advisory 11 AD