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Marilisa Wallace

World Languages
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5173

Marilisa Carrel Wallace comes from a little Italian region that sits on the border between Italy, France and Switzerland, called Aosta Valley. Italian and French are the region's official languages. She grew up in Breuil-Cervinia, a small mountain village located at the foot of the Mattherhorn. She lived in England and Switzerland before moving to the USA. While in Geneva (Switzerland), she met a great guy from Minnesota who convinced her to come to live in Bloomington. She taught French at Wayzata High School for 5 years and this is her seventeenth year at Kennedy . Marilisa has a B.A. in French from the College of St. Catherine and a Master’s degree in Leadership in Education from the University of Minnesota. She loves skiing and mountain hiking with her three children and her husband, but she also likes to relax with a good book by Big Sandy Lake in Minnesota.

Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
TA2026 25 TA World Language 1
WL2001C 1 French 1 C 1 Yes Yes Yes
TA2026 28 TA World Language 2
WL2001C 2 French 1 C 2 Yes Yes Yes
TA2026 30 TA World Language 4
WL2003C 1 French 3 C 4 Yes Yes Yes
TA2026 29 TA World Language 5
WL2002C 1 French 2 C 5 Yes Yes Yes
TA2026 24 TA World Language 6
WL2002C 2 French 2 C 6 Yes Yes Yes
WL2004C 1 French 4 C EB Yes Yes Yes
WL2005C 1 French 5 C EB Yes Yes Yes