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Joshua Coval

Joshua Coval portrait
Language Arts
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5175

Hi. I am Josh Coval. I have taught at Kennedy since starting my career in teaching in 1999! Whew! I also coach cross country running for the boys and girls, and I am the head boys track coach. My office hours are from 7:15-7:50, and I can be reached briefly after school before coaching.

Class Name Periods Calendar Site
EL2017A 1 Level 3 EL English 9 A 01 (Main/W) Yes Yes
TA2013 5 TA Language Arts 01 (Main/W)
LA2002A 1 Honors English 9 A 02 (Main/Th) Yes Yes
LA2001A 5 English 9 A 03 (Main/W) Yes Yes
LA2002A 2 Honors English 9 A 04 (Main/Th) Yes Yes
LA2001A 7 English 9 A 05 (Main/W) Yes Yes
TA2013 8 TA Language Arts 05 (Main/W)
AD2000 7 Advisory AD (W)