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Kathryn Haddad

Kathryn Haddad portrait
Language Arts
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5152

Humanities, Honors World Literature, Film Studies, and Creative Writing are the classes that Kathryn Haddad will be teaching for the school year 2016-17. She has taught in Bloomington since 1999 and has been excited to see the many changes in the school and community over the last decade. Kathryn is a playwright and has deep roots in the Twin Cities arts community where she has participated as an organizer and writer for many years. She graduated from Coon Rapids Senior High School and got her bachelor’s degree in English and Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire. She has two master’s degrees from the University of Minnesota (Liberal Studies and Public Affairs) and continues to love to learn both formally and informally and hopes to inspire this love in her students as well.

Class Name Periods
LA2015AW 1 English 12 Humanities A Web 00 (Main/W/Th)
LA2066AW 1 English 11/12 Am Lit/Hum A Web 00 (Main/W/Th)
LA2066A 1 English 11/12 Am Lit/Hum A 03 (Main/W)
LA2015A 6 English 12 Humanities A 04 (Main/Th)
AD2010 1 Advisory 10 AD (W)