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Ryan Keith

Ryan Keith portrait
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5138

This is my 23rd year teaching...all at Kennedy High School!!! I love this place and cannot see myself teaching anywhere else.  This building has changed somewhat over the years but the wonderful, energetic, interesting students continue to keep me passionate about my work here.  Although it is not all that I teach, I am sometimes thought of as "the Calculus guy" since I have been fortunate enough to have that class for several years running. But in the previous 22 years I have done it all mathematically. Currently I mix 3 sections of algebra in with the calculus.  I also coach the boys and girls tennis teams as well as our school's math team. I have a wonderful wife (Ashlie, a JFK grad) and 3 awesome children that keep me very busy, but I love every minute of the chaos!  I obsess a bit too much over Georgia Bulldogs football (my alma mater) but am learning to tone it down a bit (not really). In my limited spare time (you saw I had kids, right!!) I like to mess around playing various games on my phone or maybe some cards with friends.  Pickle ball (sort of like a mini tennis) has become a passion also.  My wife and I like to experiment and visit different metro area restaurants.  Finally, there's almost always a Kennedy sporting event going on and there's a good chance you might see me at one of them as I am a Bloomington resident and I love going to the games.  Go Eagles!!

Class Name Periods
MA2021B 1 AP Calculus BC B 1
TA2015 29 TA Math 1
MA2001B 9 Intermediate Algebra B 3
MA2020B 1 AP Calculus AB B 4
MA2001B 4 Intermediate Algebra B 5
MA2001B 12 Intermediate Algebra B 6
AD2010 9 Advisory 10 AD