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Lisa Vanderlinden

Lisa Vanderlinden portrait
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5158

I currently teach chemistry and biology. I have taught nearly all other sciences at some point in my career, but chemistry and biology are my favorites.  I have a Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning from Hamline. My graduate capstone was an evaluation of student learning styles in science and how to reach all learners. I have graduate and undergraduate work in chemistry, physics and biology, counseling and medicine.   My B.S. was in Biology at Clarke College, Dubuque, IA, with a minor in chemistry. Later I took many more chemistry and physics courses at both the University of Iowa and the University of Minnesota. I currently am licensed in biology, chemistry and physics.

My husband and I have four sons and two daughter-in-laws and three grandchildren. All four sons have graduated from college and are living on their own. Two live in the Twin Cities and two live outside of Minnesota.  My husband and I enjoy biking, hiking, golfing and trips to the Lake Superior area. My favorite hobbies are reading and quilting.  Although we have had pets in the past, we currently do not have pets.    

Class Name Periods
SC2011B 1 General Chemistry B 1
SC2011B 2 General Chemistry B 2
SC2011B 4 General Chemistry B 3
SC2005B 4 General Biology B 5
SC2005B 5 General Biology B 6
AD2010 13 Advisory 10 AD
AD2001 785 Academic Seminar ASEM