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Watch the 2018-19 KHS Homecoming Coronation

Watch the Homecoming Coronation from the past Wednesday's advisory. Congratulations to Phil Malecek, our Homecoming King, and Olivia Morales, our Homecoming Queen! See all of the Homecoming court and ambassadors below.

Freshman Royalty:
Female: Susie Monson
Male: Luke Dosan

Freshman Ambassadors:
9th Female: Ellie Baker
9th Male: Jaymin Swedlund

Sophomore Royalty:
Female: Tiffany Tran
Male: Jaden Grace

Sophomore Ambassadors:
10th Female: Jenny Abreu
10th Male: Alec Chamberlain

Junior Royalty:
Female: Robyne Kosgei
Male: Dino Zumba

Junior Ambassadors:
11th Female: Ally Starks
11th Male: Quincy Miller

Senior Royalty:
Niya Adams
Tiffany Larsen
Olivia Morales
Kimee Nguyen
Libby Taffe

Terrell Davis Barber
Kole Krause
Dylan Long
Phil Malecek
Santos Ortiz

Senior Ambassadors:
12th Female: Isela Cereso Mendiola
12th Male: Treshawn Williams