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Introducing a new opportunity for students at Kennedy High School!

On Friday, March 16th, the Career and College Center hosted the first “Career Spotlight Speaker” Matt Gregg from the Nerdery to speak with students interested in careers in Programming and Information Technology.  Students found the experience engaging and informative!

The Career Spotlight Speaker program was created to give students an opportunity to learn from and network with industry professionals in their career area of interest. Students are invited to the program via email based on their Personal Growth Plan “careers of interest”.   

There are limited spaces so be sure to check your email and check in with the Career and College Center.  

Over the next five weeks we will host speakers with careers in 
  • Video and Television production,
  • Business & Marketing,
  • Architecture & Construction,
  • Healthcare,
  • Law & Public Safety
Thanks to the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce and Best Prep for helping to create this great opportunity!