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Celebrate Sadies Spirit Week: Feb 20-23rd

Kennedy students: Are you ready to celebrate Winter Spirit week? Show your spirit next week, from 2/20 to 2/23. Participate in the dress up days (see attached flyer), and buy your ticket to Sadies dance next week!  If you plan to bring a guest from another school, the guest forms must be picked up from the main office.
  • Will you wear your Vikings Jersey on Jersey Day?
  • Will you be Karate Kyle for Meme Day?
  • Will you dress so Minnesotan for Minnesota day that people will involunatarily start saying "Yah sure, you betcha!" in your presence?
  • Will you wear so much Blue and Gold on Blue/Gold Day that you will no longer be considered a high school student, rather you will have transcended into a universe of energy where beings are only particles represented by light and color?
Whoa. Don't miss out!