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Awards & Scholarships

***This page is under construction. More is coming soon!***

Congratulations to our ExCel and AAA Winners:

ExCEL - Excellence in Community, Education and Leadership - is a unique recognition program designed exclusively for Minnesota high school juniors who are active in school activities, who show leadership qualities, and who are model citizens.
Nominees must:
a. be a junior in high school
b. make satisfactory progress toward graduation requirements
c. participate in a MSHSL fine arts and/or athletic activity
d. hold a leadership position in school
e. work voluntarily in their community.
ExCEL winners:  
2018 - Ulyses Perez Perez and Olivia Morales
2017 -           
2016 - Scott Cameron and Chava Bouchard               
2015 - Grant Johnson and Laura Gale

AAA Criteria:
To be eligible for the Academics, Arts and Athletics Award a students must:
*be a high school senior at the time of nomination. Nominations are limited to two qualifying students per school, one male and one female. 
*have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at the date of nomination. 
*participate in League-sponsored athletics and fine arts activities.
*comply with the MSHSL's Student Code of Conduct.
AAA Winers:
2018 - Brandon Sjostrand and Anna Frey
2017 - Brandon Barrietos and Chloe Larson
2016 - Gabe Sinner and Ellie Monson
2015 - Nick Brazel and Abby Trudell
2014 - Simon Broccard and Brenna Carberry

Athena Award

“Outstanding Senior Female Athlete”

Selection of the outstanding female athlete from your school should be based on excellence in individual sports or for participation and accomplishments in team sports. Remember that the main criteria for the Athena award are athletic accomplishments, with other achievements being secondary.

2018 - Julia Monson - Soccer and Lacrosse
2017 - Honour Finley - Tennis, Basketball and Track & Field
2016 - Alana Currin - Gymnastics and Diving
2015 - Dani Prady - Soccer and Lacrosse
2014 - Kenisha Bell - Basketball
2013 - Jade Martin - Basketball
2012 - Heather Bachman - Volleyball and Basketball
2011 - Sheridan Reiners - Soccer and Lacrosse

Born Again Jock Scholarship Winners
David Beacom
Mackenzie Booth
Isaac Coutier
Grant Mendel
Julia Monson
Luis Romero
Caleb Vanderbeek

Hoyt DeVolder
Honour Finley
Chloe Larson
Emily Olson

Alana Currin
Lindsey Schmidt
Jimmy Mrozek
Ellie Monson
Derek Mendel
Anthony Nguyen

Nathan Eckerson
Carli McWilliams
Christina Nelson
Abigail Roskop
Shaun VanSloan
Haley Ziemke

Sam Wickstrom
Malena Maxwell
John Maiers