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Kennedy Instructional Learning Team

Instructional Leadeership Team- ILT

JFK Instructional Leadership Team members:
Marni Chamorro (chair), Trisha Meyer, Kristin Krenz, Carol Kampa, Erin Baxter, Sarah Weber, Jennie Schneider, Josh Coval, Jon Anderson, Jessica Rice, Gail Harris, Kevin Nelson, Susie Maxey, Lisa Purcell, Frances Bressman

How to apply for ILT Funds for a conference, workshop, or writing time:
Steps2017-18 Meeting Dates
Step 1: If you need a sub: Use the ILT committee form to request funding for a substitute teacher

ILT Funds Request  
ILT: 9/17, 10/8, 11/12, 1/14, 2/11, 4/15, 5/20
Step 2: For conference/workshop registration fees and additional costs, apply to the District Professional Development Fund (PDF).

Professional Development Fund Request
PDF: 9/28, 10/29, 11/27, 1/30, 2/22, 3/21, 4/26, 5/23
Step 3: Once approved by both the ILT and PDF, teachers should submit for the time off and request a substitute.

Teachers enter the absence through Skyward as Professional Development  and select "sub needed". This will automatically navigate you to Frontline to enter your substitute request.


Once in Frontline, describe the activity and list ILT committee as the budget/person responsible in the "Notes to Administrators" section.
*Note: This replaces need for the Professional Absence Request form.
Step 4: Follow additional steps on the Professional Development Fund link to register. 
Read this important 'Teacher Relicensure Law' information.

ILT Guidelines
  • ILT funds are available for all staff members including teachers, clerical, paraprofessionals, and support staff.
  • Staff can apply to ILT for up to two days of professional leave, including reserve teacher costs when necessary.  Staff who plan to use the flex space for an absence instead of a reserve teacher still must apply to ILT for approval.*
  • *Absences for which flex spaces are used in lieu of a reserve teacher are included in the two days of approved professional leave by ILT.
  • Requests related to building initiative will not count towards the two day total.
  • 10% of the budget may be used for staff development for head coaches (applies to staff in the building only)
  • Up to $5000 of staff development funds will be reserved for AVID training and professional development each year.