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Golden Torch Student Awards: Fall 2014

Award of Achievement

Patrick Stearns
In his four years at Kennedy, Patrick has made significant gains in his academic and interpersonal skills. He has become active in theater productions, while holding down a part time job and maintaining "A" grades in all his classes. Peers look up to Patrick as a model for confidence, work ethic and social connectedness.

Tajuana Davis
Tajuana is respectful and participated in choir for three years. She has passed all of her classes during her high school career, including Science and History sequences!! Tajuana advocates for herself, values her education, has a great work ethic and is a leader in the classroom. She will be attending DCTC during trimesters two and three in the Medical Careers program.


Austin Chiodo
Austin is a member of the Ceramics class this term. He has worked tirelessly to improve his throwing skills and has sought out to learn new techniques beyond the expectations. He is very creative and you should expect to see great outcomes from Austin.

Samantha Tarnowski
Samantha has an exquisite eye for detail and a superb command of shading which render her drawings truly beautiful to behold.  Moreover, she demonstrates extraordinary dedication & commitment to her work, making Samantha more than worthy of this Golden Torch!


Brianna Zuch
Brianna is an outstanding leader in the AVID classroom.  She is fully engaged each and every day, takes and makes outstanding Cornell notes and works hard in tutorials to help her AVID peers work through their points of confusion.  She continues to challenge herself academically, brings a positive attitude to everything she does, and highly deserves to be recognized with the Golden Torch Award!


Hakly Oeng
Hakly is well deserving of the Golden Torch award for BEACON. He is new to the program this year and has done nothing but thrive. He is diligent in all that he does and helps his fellow students along the way. His teachers are grateful for his high work ethic and positive attitude. Hakly is an all around great person and the teachers at BEACON are proud of his accomplishments.

Julieta Cerna
Julieta’s bright personality and frequent smile always light up the classrooms in which she’s working.  She is persistent in the face of difficulties, a leader amongst her peers and an innovative thinker when it comes to problem solving.  Julieta is always happy to participate in class and let her voice be heard, but in a way that exemplifies class and consciousness.  The teachers at BEACON are proud to have the opportunity to work with her.

Business Education

Grant Skophammer
Grant is such a positive role model in the class. He always comes to class with enthusiasm to learn.  He participates in class and makes everyone in the class feel that they belong. A great leader and a joy to have in the class. He will be a great manager of others someday. Probably one of the nicest kids in the senior class and very well rounded as a student athlete. Really cares about others.

Jenna Luedtke
Jenna is a very intelligent student who is a quiet leader.  She is always ready to learn. I am impressed how Jenna balances school with theater and other extra curricular activities. She's always enthusiastic to learn something new. Jenna is very self motivated and takes pride in her education.



Seth Dymoke
Seth is an exceptional student in the Technology Education classes.  He has demonstrated great leadership and dedication to learning how to operate all equipment and master the projects in class.  Seth can always be counted on to get the job done, and help out with all the different activities in the labs.  Seth has a bright future and I know will accomplish great things in his life.

Francisca Gonzales
Francisca has outstanding daily effort and attention to detail in Engineering Design class.


Rich Tibayan
Rich comes prepared to class.  He actively engages in learning.  He helps other students achieve excellence.  He asks thoughtful questions to show that he is engaged in the learning more about the curriculum.  He is a leader that other students try to emulate.

Qianyun Wei
Sky comes prepared to class. She actively engages in learning. She is always willing to help her classmates achieve excellence. She asks thoughtful questions to show that she is engaged in learning more. She is a leader that other students look up to.



Derek Opthof
Derek has excellent ideas for design studio and is able to take those ideas to create a complicated design. The designs are well thought out and very creative. Currently, Derek is creating a dress from scratch!

Sarah SmallField
Sarah's classwork is exceptional. Her attitude is amazing, she works easily with all students in my diverse classroom, willingly helping students that need assistance. She is a pleasure to have as a student.

Language Arts

Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali is an exceptional English student.  He excels in all aspects of the subject.  His writing is superb, his analysis is deep and beyond that of his peers, and his motivation is admirable.  Mohamed currently has a 98% in class, and is not satisfied with that grade.  He always asks for ways he can improve, and gets his work done far before other students.  He is motivated, talented, and exceptional young man who is much deserving of this award.

Destiny Jones
Destiny has continuously demonstrated the desire to complete quality work both in and out of the classroom. Her work ethic and focus are tremendous, and these two have yielded positive academic and personal results for her. In Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, Destiny's attention to detail and determination have similarly resulted in both her own increased understanding and the academic improvement in her peers. It is a comfort knowing that Destiny is there in class everyday, not only working for and expecting the best for herself, but also pushing her peers to work toward those same ends academically and personally.


Luis Alvarado
Luis has one of the strongest work ethics I've seen. He is always focusing on what he needs to learn in class, and encourages those around him as well. He helps others with their work, and thus learns the material better than anyone. Keep up the good work!

Estrella Calderon
Estrella always has a positive attitude. She works hard to understand the material, and gets along with those around her. She has turned in every assignment, and has done well on every assessment, formative and summative. What a positive role model for her peers!

Performing Arts

Jammal Page
Jammal has done everything expected of a section leader and more.  He has held high expectations for himself and others in the percussion section, and the result is that the drum line is the best it has been in years.  In addition, he has worked with directors and students to keep the percussion area organized.  He has excelled academically in band while providing outstanding leadership.

Priscilla Barrientos
Priscilla volunteered to serve as the Orchestra Manager this year, and is also my Student Assistant.  She has worked with the Sinfonia Orchestra a number of times, running sectionals and full rehearsals and helping less experienced students with the technical aspects (articulation, rhythm, etc.) of their parts. Priscilla is a fine, young musician with innate musical skills, who leads by example and is well-liked by her peers.

Physical Education

Ashley Nagel
Ashley is consistently one of the hardest working students in class and she combines that work ethic with a great attitude.  I can always count on Ashley to be a leader in class; she is a great role model for all students, both male and female.

Hoyt Devolder
Hoyt has the highest GPA in all of my health classes and continues to excel in every assignment.  He has done an exceptional job not only keeping up, but always asking good questions to go just a little better than what is expected in class.  His projects have been amazing and I have really enjoyed having him in class!


Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson is a top student in AP Chemistry. Grant sets high grades on tests and labs.  He shows leadership and is respected by other students.  He uses time well and is thorough in his work.  AP Chemistry is a very difficult, college level class, but Grant enjoys the challenge of pushing himself to excel.

Jessica Jenkins
Jessica is an exceptional student in AP Biology. Her level of preparation mirrors that of a college student and not your typical high school student. She performs at or near the top on all of our exams.  Her studiousness is a great example for her peers.


Social Studies

Reece Mattson
Reece’s efforts in AP US History are yielding wonderful results for him and for our entire class.  For himself, Reece is gaining a great understanding of American history, with high scores along the way.  For other students, Reece is contributing great ideas to our class discussions.

Honour Finley
Honour Finley is deserving of a Golden Torch for her work in World History.  Her academic work is excellent and she is a positive leader in the classroom.

World Language

Dustin Doppman
Dustin is very smooth with his Spanish and his pronunciation is excellent.  Dustin focuses and then just lets go and dives right in when speaking.  Even his classmates can hear that he really does it right.  It's something difficult to do at this stage of learning a language, but Dustin pulls it off with great results.  Dustin has an excellent classroom demeanor and really is a joy to have in class.

Abigail Roskop
Abbie is in German IV right now.  Abbie is a stellar student.  She is quick to grasp all of the things she is taught.  She helps other classmates who have questions.  Abbie is polite, respectful, and even kind to all of her classmates and teachers.  Abbie is creative, and makes fun answers and stories to amuse her audience.  No assignment can intimidate Abbie and she eagerly tackles anything.  Abbie works hard and brings a positive attitude, which lightens everyone's mood.