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Golden Torch students for Trimester 1 -- 2013-14

Abbie Roskop, 11 -- Abbie is in Ceramics class and had shown a great deal of effort in the construction of her functional clay pieces. She is also very good about considering "what is next?" or "what if i do this..." higher order thinking. In addition, Abbie has become a resource for her classmates, who ask her opinion and seek her advice.

Khai Tran, 11 -- Khai is an outstanding student & artist. He has impeccable work-habits & a quick mind. Moreover, his attention to detail is exquisite, which along with outstanding craftsmanship, results in superb works of original art that always go above and beyond.

Award of Achievement
Madeline Olson, 9 -- Maddie has had a very good start to her high school career. She is doing well in all of her classes (mainstream & special education). She has demonstrated good personal growth and leadership qualities in class. She always has a positive attitude and contributes to class discussions and environment. And she laughs at all of my jokes . . . so that's bonus points.

Dionetay Darrough, 10 -- Dionetay has shown great improvement in the classroom not only with his academics, but his social abilities as well. I can always expect a positive attitude, good work ethic and punctuality on his part. I enjoy conversing with him throughout the day and love that he tries his hardest and is not afraid to advocate for his needs. It's always a plus when a substitute comments on how respectful certain students are and Dionetay's name is always mentioned.
Omar Pinzon, 12 -- Omar is most deserving of the Golden Torch Award. He is an absolute pleasure to have as a student and his drive to succeed is apparent in all that he does. When given a task, Omar learns quickly and works until he has accomplished the task. He is trust-worthy, respectful, and just an all-around great kid. Omar's hard work, focus, and determination towards graduation is impressive and BEACON staff is proud to have him as a part of our program.

Daniela Perez-Ramirez, 12 -- Daniela is a bright, hardworking student who is always pushing herself. She is artistic and expressive, serving as a student who both knows how to, and indeed does, use her voice to incite change and direct attention toward issues about which she is passionate. Daniela is a great role model for her peers and we are excited to nominate her for a Golden Torch Award.

Business Ed
Dana Kidrowski, 12 -- Dana is a great leader in class. She is organized, always ready to learn and a great role model for other students. She also has the highest grade in both Personal Finance classes. She is a joy to have in my class. Dana will be very successful in life, she is responsible, detailed oriented, positive, and professional.

Matt Heckman, 10 -- Matt takes his education very seriously, he is responsible and is goal driven. It is a joy to have Matt in my class. He has a goal to attend the University of Notre Dame and I believe he will accomplish this. Matt is mature and I was surprised he was only a sophomore. A great hardworking student that is always ready to learn.

Career & Technical Education
Randi Lybert, 12 -- She has done incredible work in the production of the Kennedy Impact television show.

James Hartley, 12 -- Consistently producing high quality work in his Project Lead the Way, Introduction to Engineering Design.

EL (English Learners)

Rustom Tibayan, 12 -- Rustom is a creative, hard-working student who fully participates in his EL class. He does his work well and comes prepared for class. He is easy to get along with and is well liked by other students.

Volak San, 12 -- Volak is an active student in her EL class. She participates well and is motivated to seek help from the teacher when she needs it. She goes above and beyond to keep her grade high.

Language Arts
Kathryn Baumhover, 12 -- Kathryn has shown praiseworthy dedication to studying literature and improving her writing. She consistently participates in class and consistently turns in excellent work. In a class full of extremely talented students, she is a standout.

Josh Fremder, 12 -- Josh has shown praiseworthy dedication to studying literature and improving his writing. He consistently participates in class and consistently turns in excellent work. In a class full of extremely talented students, he is a standout.


Katherine Propsom, 9 -- As a freshman Katie is at the top of her class in Honors Algebra 2. Not only does Katie do well with the skills but she works very well with her peers and she comes to class everyday with a smile :)

Jackie Chan, 10 -- Currently Jackie is one of the top students in his Honors Algebra 2 class. What sets Jackie apart from his peers is his willingness to help his peers, his participation in the classroom discussions, and his general drive to problem solve.

Performing Arts
Jonathan Pliego-Sanchez, 10 -- Jonathan has shown considerable growth as a young musician, during the past year. He has developed leadership skills that his peers have noticed and have begun to respond to, appropriately. He asks questions and offers comments that make sense. Jonathan's demeanor is one of quiet joy; he smiles easily and laughs readily. I highly recommend Jonathan for this award.

Kathleen Cameron, 12 -- Over the course of more than three years, I have watched Kathleen grow from a quiet, hesitant participant, to a solid, foundational member of the orchestra program. Her comments are thoughtful, precise, and meant to raise the level of play and performance for all members of the ensemble. Her peers recognize this and agree when she suggests extra rehearsal time and/or to work on certain sections of a piece or specific musical elements (i.e., INTONATION). She has a gift of circumlocution, so when she finally does get to the point, it is valid. She also shares her sense of humor, with a face that doesn't hide it. I highly recommend Kathleen for this award.

Physical Education
Griselda Garcia, 9 -- This young 9th grader has been here everyday.....participates as hard as she can.....and has really gone above and beyond in 9th grade PE to have an A average!! She is a good example of an overachiever!! She exemplifies what we strive for in physical education because it is all about her effort! It is amazing what you can achieve when you give a lot of effort.

Darius Bell, 11 -- Darius is an absolute joy to have in class. He strives for and maintains excellence regardless of the day or activity. His willingness to lend a hand and show initiative reflects his strong upstanding character. Darius's attitude is exceptional!

Jackie Chan, 10 -- Jackie is an excellent AP Biology student. He has the highest grade in the class. He has an incredible work ethic and often seeks out the teacher for further clarification and discussion. His study habits and consequent level of achievement make him a great role model for his classmates.

Katie Madsen, 11 -- Katie is an excellent AP Chemistry student and has an extraordinary ability to push herself to excel. She is a very strong independent learner, and spends time on her work until she understands it completely.

Social Studies
Navarre Tu, 10 -- Navarre is a dedicated student who genuinely wants to learn about the world. She asks insightful questions and does outside research to explore world events further. She sets high expectations for herself and routinely meets them.
Her enthusiasm and energy make her a class leader.

Adam Norris-Lothert, 10 -- Adam has consistently earned top scores in the AP World History course. He is self-directed and grasps the material very quickly in class. Adam has also excelled in our work on essay writing for the AP exam.

World Languages
Morgan Garbrecht, 10 -- Morgan is a very responsible student. Morgan takes responsibility for her learning by asking difficult questions inside and out of class. Morgan is curious about the Spanish language and participates without hesitation. She is a great role model to others in her class. Keep up the great work Morgan!!!

Tyler Halverson, 10 -- Tyler is a great student to have in class. In a level three Spanish class, Tyler uses any opportunity he can to speak in the Spanish language with his teacher and with his classmates. This enthusiasm for the language is contagious to other classmates of Tyler. He is ready to soak up new information and knowledge every week. Keep up the great work Tyler!