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Golden Torch Award winners Winter 2011-12

Golden Torch Award winners, Winter 2011-12
Each trimester, Kennedy faculty members have the opportunity to recognize two deserving students from each department. The students chosen are those who have shown exceptional academic achievement or improvement. Each student is invited to an awards breakfast where they receive a certificate. The students' pictures will also be displayed in the school showcase and on the Kennedy website.

Henna Bagha
Performing Arts
Henna is always on task, and has a wonderful attitude in class. Her desire for doing well is second to none, and she works very hard to accomplish her goals. She plays clarinet with excellent tone, dynamics, and articulation. Her attitude and performance are a model that other students can follow.   

Destiny Barry
Student Achievement
Destiny Barry has shown vast improvement in her dedication and commitment to her education. She has proven to be a leader and often is in a position to help others in class. Destiny is willing to help anybody and does not pass judgement on others. She is focused on her goals for her future and is working hard to attain those goals.   

Samantha Carriere
Career & Tech Ed
Samantha has shown outstanding effort in the Advanced Auto Body classroom.  

Courtney Cole
Courtney is hard working and responsible. Courtney excels at
science and has taken an active role in the classroom as a leader.  

Demetrius Collier
Student Achievement
Demetrius Collier is a hard worker and has kept a job at Cub for a year and a half. Demetrius is polite, never disruptive or tardy to classes. He shows respectful student behavior at all times. Demetrius challenges himself by taking difficult classes and is able to pass them because of his pattern of hard work.  

Diong Jazter
Jazter is an excellent student who participates in class, asks insightful questions and completes his work with thoughtful answers. When working in small groups, he positively contributes to the class by encouraging students to do their best work.   

Dennis Ehrhardt
Dennis is one of the top performers on the Kennedy Math Team. He is also excelling in Calculus B/C (the most difficult course). He has also completed AP Statistics. He applies his knowledge in such non-math areas as digital electronics and other engineering applications.    

Mikenzie Ellenson
Phy Ed
Mikenzie consistently completed her work to an outstanding level. More importantly, she actively participated in class, showed a genuine interest in the topics we studied, and was a great student

Dan Erickson
Performing Arts
Dan is a very hard worker who always does his best, and he participates in many extra musical ensembles. As the only member of the trombone section in his band, Dan has extra pressure on him
to perform well. He has stepped up to the point that his "section" is one of the strongest in the band. Dan also responds well to instruction, and fixes what needs to be fixed.  

Isabelle Firkell
Isabelle is an outstanding artist who is dedicated both in and out of the classroom. Her work also exemplifies superb attention to detail. This fine sense of craftsmanship, in combination with her high level of commitment, results in truly beautiful works of art.   

Annmarie Frankovich
Anna has shown an excitement for working with children. She seems to have a high interest in the field of education and working with children. She shows top quality work in my class and deserves
this high honor.   

Sonyta Hot
Because of Sonyta's positive attitude, hard work and motivation, she has been very successful in her EL classes. She has made significant progress in her language proficiency and does excellent work. She also helps struggling students in her classes learn.   

Alexis Klemme-Daale
World Language
Alexis goes above and beyond what is expected of her in the class. She is an active responsible leader and is very respectful to her teacher and peers.   

Marco Lala Zhagli
Business Education
Marco has consistently received the highest scores on the Accounting Exams & Weekly work for the first half of this trimester. He is a very hardworking, conscientious student.  

Natalya Litvinova
Natalya quietly goes about her business in class. She gets all of her work completed and in on time. She extends class ideas to other areas and ideas.   

Katherine Madsen
Social Studies
Katie has shown hard work and dedication throughout the year in civics. She is going above and beyond in her History Day project by doing interviews, researching in Austin Minnesota, and shows critical thinking and analysis of her research. Katie also has integrity and leadership in class. When other students want to take short cuts, Katie is not afraid of hard work and persevering through problems. She shows creativity and accuracy in every assignment and always asks questions that show a deeper understanding of the material. 

Tamer Mische-Richte
Phy Ed
Tamer is an outgoing young man that has really excelled in this class. He completed the mile run in one of the fastest times I have had for a 9th grader in a long time (5:27). He not only maintains his A average, but goes beyond that and helps his classmates to accomplish tasks they struggle with. He is a leader and a positive role model for all my students, I am happy to have him in my class! 

Phillip Molina
Philip is an outstanding artist. He pays careful attention to craftsmanship and expresses himself at a level of maturity beyond his age.   

Tien Nguyen
Business Education
Tien is a very hardworking conscientious student. She consistently receives one of the highest scores on the Accounting Exams & Weekly work for the first half of this trimester. She is also very helpful to other students in the class. 

Megan Orlowski
Language Arts
Megan Orlowski consistently goes above and beyond what is required of her. Last trimester, she gave a great culture speech and agreed to come after school to have me tape her speech to use as a student example. I offered her extra credit, even though she really didn't need it because she had close to 100%. She thinks deeply about the literature and offers interesting analysis. Also, she challenges herself with her independent reading selections.   

Tommy Pham
Career & Tech Ed
Tommy is the student Executive Producer for the Kennedy Impact news show.   


Tony Pham
Language Arts
Tony is a student who puts forth a great deal of extra effort outside of school to not only complete work assigned in class but to complete additional work which asks me check when he feels that he needs more practice with concepts. In essence, he assigns himself additional formative assessments on his own to prepare himself for the upcoming summative assessments. He is a hard working self advocate who always strives to be a role model in the classroom by using the highest respect I have seen from any student when inquiring about a concept or assignment, tackling difficult questions during discussions and helping other students in the class who are struggling without my prompting when he finishes assignments early. 

Elliot Robinson
World Language
Elliot is a very respectful student. He comes to class ready to work and actively participates. He is a good role model for other students.  


Sam Schadegg
Social Studies
Sam was worked hard all year in World History. He values his time in class to learn things and helps keeps the rest of the class in line. Sam has made tremendous improvements over the time I have known him. It has been great to see him mature. 

Ahadu Tesfaye
Ahadu is a hard working, nice young man. He is always very willing help others in his classes. Most days he has a smile on his face and is excited to learn. 


Alex Vanick
Alex is positive, hard-working and a pleasure to have as a student in Culinary. He works easily with all students in the class.   


Sam Wickstrom
Sam has the highest grade in all of my General Biology classes this trimester. His ability and work ethic are exemplary. Sam is also an excellent leader in class discussions and in group work.   

Diana Yepez
Diana is always a pleasure to be around. She works hard and is willing to put in the extra effort to help out. She is an all around great student.