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JFK Golden Torch 2011-12 Spring

Golden Torch Award winners, Spring 2011-12
Each trimester, Kennedy faculty members have the opportunity to recognize two deserving students from each department. The students chosen are those who have shown exceptional academic achievement or improvement. Each student is invited to an awards breakfast where they receive a certificate. The students' pictures will also be displayed in the school showcase and on the Kennedy website.

Megan Bloomquist Art Megan has been an outstanding student in all her art classes. She displays exquisite craftsmanship & a serious commitment to making sweet art. Over the years she has refined and developed her skills into a signature style that will be missed after she graduates this year
Sean Foley Art As one of the most dedicated art students I've had in class this year, Sean worked above and beyond my expectations. He executed his art with superb craftsmanship and genuine intent. Proof of skill presently hangs at the Bloomington Art Center. LYLT.
Tristan Wesson Beacon Tristan is an absolute pleasure to have as a student. He's industrious, jovial, and reliable. More importantly, his enthusiasm for his classes, his willingness to participate, and his high achievement are a model for those around him. Other students enjoy his company and also know that he is working hard to better his future. Tristan is one of those seniors who we all are going to miss when he graduates. We are pleased to give him this honor before he goes, and wish him success in college and in life.
Christina Seang Beacon Tina is an awesome young lady that works extremely hard to get her work done. She is always smiling which helps start the day out right. We are very proud of her!
Nhung Luong Business Education Nhung is a very hardworking conscientious student. She has been a business education student throughout the year taking Marketing, Accounting A and now Accounting B courses. She consistently receives one of the highest scores on the Accounting Exams & Weekly work and is very excited to learn about Business. She always displays a positive attitude and is very deserving of the golder torch award.
Joe Kern Business Education Joe is a great choice for the Business Department's Golden Torch Award. He is a very hardworking and conscientious student. He learns very quickly and consistently challenges himself to learn more through completion of enrichment activities. He has scored very high on all his assignments, is well respected by his peers and is a great role model for other students.
Jaymon Vikesland Career & Technical Education Outstanding attitude, effort and application of knowledge and skills in Advanced Construction class.
Suo Mjjie Career & Technical Education For displaying a positive attitude and consistent daily effort everyday in Introduction to Web Page Design class.
Natalya Litvinova ESL Natalya Litvinova is an excellent student who always works to her full potential. Her diligence and motivation to learn are very evident. She consistently takes initiative for her own education.
Phuc Tran ESL Isabelle is an outstanding artist who is dedicated both in and out of the classroom. Her work also exemplifies superb attention to detail. This fine sense of craftsmanship, in combination with her high level of commitment, results in truly beautiful works of art.
Paul Fourniea FACS In my Independent Living class, Paul's contributions are very valuable. He uses his real life experiences to add to the content of the class and we all benefit from his interest, experience and responsibility.
Abigail Boadu FACS Abigail has been in many of my classes and recently competed in the Skills USA competition for preschool teaching assistant. She is a hard worker and very interested in our FACS curriculum. Abigail deserves this award for being a dedicated student. Thanks Abigail!
Brittanie Rodriguez Language Arts She's golden. She is a stellar student, a talented writer and truly passionate about literature.
Dennis Ehrhardt Language Arts Dennis has brilliant insights on literature. He's a dedicated reader and shows a genuine love of discussing and writing about literature.
Nicole Ly Math She does outstanding work in AP Calculus (AB). She works well with others and contributes great ideas to the class.
Matthew Leuma Math
Matt has been an outstanding leader in both Intermediate Algebra and the Support class. He is eager to learn and always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. His positive attitude has been contagious during team activities. We couldn't ask for a better student. Kudos to Matt for all of his hard work, focus and determination in Intermediate Algebra.
Callie Bender Performing Arts Callie enters the rehearsal room with pep in her step and always seems to have an amusing story to share. She asks relevant questions and when she speaks, her comments tend to elicit humorous responses from her peers. Callie's musicianship improved dramatically between her freshman and sophomore years, here at Kennedy. She began taking private lessons on violin, which took her technical and music reading skills to a new level of competence and confidence. In addition, Callie volunteered to learn to play the viola, a more challenging, but essential voice in the orchestra. I believe that we will all greatly miss her next year, as she moves with her family to metropolitan Philadelphia.
Dennis Lee Performing Arts Dennis brings both consummate musicianship and a happy-go-lucky attitude to the Concert Orchestra. He is mischievous, good-hearted, and cares about his classmates. I have never heard a disparaging comment from him, directed at another student. Dennis' absence in the orchestra program next year will be felt by all.
Leslie Rios Phy Ed Leslie an absolute joy to have in class. She displays everything we are looking for from our students: sportsmanship, effort, attitude and participation. Leslie participates to the fullest of her ability. Regardless of the sport she maintains an excellent attitude and she is an impressive leader in class. Leslie includes all of her classmates and is a perfect role model for what we want our Phy Ed students to be. The Physical Education department is proud to recognize Leslie for student of the month.
Arich Juberian Phy Ed Arich is an exceptional Physical Education student. He comes to class ready to participate daily with a great attitude and an exceptional work ethic. What stands out about Arich is the fact that he will go the extra mile and help other students get better, whether it be in an activity or in the weight room. Well done Arich!
Thanh Nguyen Science Thanh is very gifted in science. He consistently scores very high on his assessments, proving that he has mastered the concepts in class. He is able to take what he has learned and use it in new situations to solve new problems.
Nikki Neequaye Science Nikki has, throughout the year, shown a consistently scholarly attitude toward science. She completes all of her classwork, has her homework in on time, makes sure she studies for tests, and practices true inquiry when she works in the laboratory. She is always cheerful, a friend to all, and a positive leader. She is willing to go beyond what is simply required by seeking a higher level in her work.
Ben Paul Social Studies Ben's commitment to his history day project as gotten him a place at the state history day competition on Sunday , April 29th. Competing against all high school grade levels from the entire state of Minnesota, Ben's paper was one of 12 chosen out of 200 papers to go to the state competition. His research paper on Gandhi's Salt March shows his ability to research, analyze and present information as true historian. He has taken two trips to the University of Minnesota Wilson library, as well as countless hours on the internet, giving him a bibliography with dozens of sources. He has spent hours reading newspaper articles from the 1930's and has written an essay that is truly remarkable. His writing is clear and concise and his ideas about the impact of Gandhi's civil disobedience show connections all the way to the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Arab Uprisings. Ben is a young historian of the highest caliber.
Leah DeSchepper Social Studies Consistently at the top of her class in every category - quizzes, tests, essays, classwork. She shows an exceptional ability to synthesize complex information and connect concepts and ideas into a sophisticated narrative. Her written expression is particularly outstanding.
Monserrat Medina Student Achievement Monserrat is a 10th grade student who strives to do her best in all situations. She is a hard-worker, approaches every situation with a smile even when challenged. Monserrat is well-liked by many students and shows respect for all students and teachers.
Zach Stoa Student Achievement Zach has made huge progress during his time at Kennedy High School. It is due to his hard work, dedication, and ultimate success of the tasks that have been in front of him that he is highly recommended for this award. It has been a pleasure teaching him and watching his growth. Great job, Zach!
Tiffany Detlie World Languages Tiffany actively pursues language learning. She speaks English and Swedish and is currently studying Spanish at JFK. In addition, she is studying Italian with our French teacher. She hopes to pursue a career in language translation.
Justin Nguy World Languages Justin is excelling in the challenging College in the Schools Japanese 3 curriculum. He continues to maintain an A average and makes every effort to use Japanese in class. I am impressed by his dedication and efforts.