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JFK Golden Torch 2011-12 Fall

Each trimester, Kennedy faculty members will have the opportunity to recognize two deserving students from their department. The students chosen will be those who have shown exceptional academic achievement or improvement. Each student will be invited to an awards breakfast where they will receive a certificate. The students' pictures will also be displayed in the showcase and on our Kennedy website.

Golden Torch Award winners, Fall 2011
Each trimester, Kennedy faculty members will have the opportunity to recognize two deserving students from each department. The students chosen will be those who have shown exceptional academic achievement or improvement. Each student will be invited to an awards breakfast where they will receive a certificate. The students' pictures will also be displayed in the school showcase and on the Kennedy website.

Haseeb Ahmed, 12
World Languages
Haseeb gives 100% participation in the classroom. He asks questions as they arise and helps his neighbors during partner work time. Haseeb gives his best answer even when he is unsure. I see lots of positive activity from Haseeb in the classroom.

Cassie Brooks, 12
Performing Arts
Cassie is an exceptional leader in Rhythm In Gold. She sets the bar high for her section, as well as the rest of the choir. She possesses an outstanding work ethic, which rubs off on the rest of the choir. In addition to being a rockstar, she is also an excellent human being and wonderful example for everyone in the group.

Kim Campbell, 12
Kim not only strives to understand the material, but she's diligent about working with others as well. She recently was struggling briefly with a few Calculus concepts, but then did her best to figure out what her misunderstandings were. She completed an assessment (nearly) flawlessly after that. Her focus on filling in the blanks in her understanding is why she's a great student, both in Probability and Statistics class and Calculus.

Tanisha Duwearatchi, 12
Career & Technical Ed
Civil Engineering and Architecture
Tanisha sets high expectations for herself in the classroom, and she exceeds those expectations every day with her effort and attitude.

Daniel Erickson, 12
Language Arts
Daniel consistently brings meaningful and unique ideas to class discussions. He always turns in exceptional work. He is a strong writer and insightful reader of literature.

Yinyin Huang, 12
Yinyin is one of the top students in both AP Chemistry and AP Physics. She is very organized and motivated, and is dedicated to understanding all that she's taught.

Emma Jogodka, 12
Family and Consumer Science (FACS)
Emma is in the Study Buddies class and works with elementary children at Washburn Elementary. Emma is full of excitement when she is with the kids. When I observe her, it seems like she is another teacher in the room. Emma deserves this award because she stands out in my mind as an exceptional student.

Domonique Johnson, 12
Domonique is awesome, dedicated, driven, hard working, concerned about getting it done right, lovable, great personality, and a great all around person. She shows leadership in our program and we are glad she is a part.

Natalie Jost, 12
Language Arts
Natalie is excelling in A.P. Literature. She has the highest grade in her class and consistently does outstanding work, participates in meaningful ways, and brings a great attitude to the classroom.

Edgar Lala Zhagui, 12
Edgar is a very quiet but extremely HARD working young man. He is extremely motivated to do well in his work and to prove this, he has perfect attendance for the year. He comes into the class and gets to work with no hesitation and gets it done.

Derek McGaffey, 12
Performing Arts
Derek is an excellent leader in Rhythm In Gold. He sets a high standard for his section and the rest of the choir everyday. He is truly someone who "walks the walk and talks the talk!" Derek consistently works hard and makes the most of his natural talents. He sets an awesome example for the other guys in the choir, not only in his work ethic, but by how he conducts himself in and out of school.

Tuan Nguyen, 12
Family and Consumer Science (FACS)
Tuan is a focused and responsible student and is a joy to have as a student in my Independent Living class.

Roberto Rodriguez-Rivera, 12
Student Achievement
Roberto continually demonstrates positive classroom behaviors. He is helpful with other students and serves as a peer mentor. He works hard at everything he does and is a leader in all areas.

Mitchell Rowland, 12
Business Education
Mitch is in three business classes and has been a great leader in all three classes. He was the idea man behind the Blue and Gold Challenge on Friday of Homecoming.

Dan Schlemmer, 12
Career & Tech Education
Advanced Auto Body
Dan has helped far above what is required of him and has done it without any expectation of something in return.

Proshat Shafizadeh, 12
Proshat is an excellent student who is always very well prepared for academic work. She is thoughtful in her studies and mature in her ideas.

Drew Skog, 12
As a member of the Honors Art class, Drew's knowledge of techniques, processes, and art history has empowered him to create excellent work. Drew's shell has cracked, he has found the artist within and his enthusiasm for excellence is infectious.

Cree Cunningham, 11
Social Studies
Cree is an outstanding student in social studies. For the past two years in my class she contributes every day, she is inquistive and hard working. Cree goes beyond the standard thinking of historical subjects and asks the deeper questions of why things happened and how it has changed the present. She is creative and driven in each and every assignment and I almost always ask to keep her work as an example for future classes. She makes connections between the work we do in social studies to other subjects and is always looking for ways to enrich her learning. Cree is a model student and is a leader in class by helping students around her and bringing our class conversations to a higher level.

Cory Gamble, 11
World Language
Cori has demonstrated excellence in Spanish writing. Her recent scene summary was flawless proving she can hear, read and write in Spanish. She is a wonderful student.

Marissa Larson, 11
Business Education
Marissa is a great addition to the sports and entertainment marketing class. She brings a great attitude to the classroom and she lead the promotional campaign in the blue and Gold Challenge for homecoming.

An Nguyen, 11
An is an excellent student who is always very well prepared for academic work. His ideas show his thoughtfulness and his willingness to work with others shows his cooperative attitude.

Grant Terrien, 11
Social Studies
Grant is very self-directed, self-motivated. He is a quick learner, catches on to new concepts easily, has good written assignments, and is a nice guy.

Nicholas Erickson, 10
World Language
Nicholas is creative and consistently produces high quality work. He is also a positive person and comes to class every day willing to help others learn.

Quinn Ford, 10
Student Achievement
Quinn works very hard in each class she attends. She consistently does what is expected of her and more. She often finishes her work and then helps other students. She is a thoughtful and kind student.

David Johnson, 10
David, as an Algebra 2 student, works very well with others. His honesty is also refreshing, as well as his drive to learn and get problems done. Another reason why David is a great choice is his skill at questioning. He asks GREAT questions. The insight that he has shines through in his questioning.

Joe Kern, 10
Joe is one of the top students in AP Biology. He is very engaged in class and lab and his enthusiasm for science positively influences the students around him. He is very independent and motivated to learn. Joe is a great leader.

Alissa Ty, 10
Phy Ed
Alissa is an absolute joy to have in class. She displays everything we are looking for from our students: sportsmanship, effort, attitude, and participation. Alissa strives for and maintains excellence regardless of the day or activity and her willingness to lend a hand and show initiative reflects her strong, upstanding character. Alissa is an excellent athlete and she brings a great intensity to class. She includes all of her classmates and is a perfect role model for what we want our Phy Ed students to be. Alissa's sportsmanship demeanor is contagious. Thank you Alissa for making our class so enjoyable to teach!

Nichole Hanson, 9
Nichole exhibits a remarkable eye for detail and is truly dedicated to her craft. She often goes above and beyond the classroom requirements by taking her work home to put in extra time. The resulting drawings are finely-polished & beautiful works of art!

Shaun Van Sloun, 9
Phy Ed
He leads by example and by word of mouth! He has many times helped other students to learn activities such as football, soccer and various team sports. I have seen him encourage his classmates to be successful---he goes the extra yard not only for himself, but for others. He picks up equipment at the end of class, he is always helping in every way, and is an A student too!