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Important Phone Numbers

JFK MAIN NUMBER952-681-5000
Carol Kampa, Principal952-681-5003
Terri Robertson, Secretary952-681-5003
Sam Hostetler, Assistant Principal952-681-5018
Carol Seal, Secretary952-681-5042
Kris Krenz, Assistant Principal 952-681-5040
Susan Vacanti, Secretary952-681-5045
Kelly Brown, Dean of Students952-681-5060
Kristi Lingsweiler, Dean Secretary952-681-5044
Jon Anderson, Activities Director952-681-5047
Lori Esser, Activities Secretary952-681-5012
Kevin Nelson, Webmaster952-681-5097
Attendance email address:         
Parent Call-in (Voicemail Only)952-681-5002
Maria Herrera, Attendance Clerk952-681-5043
Karen Zollar (A-D)952-681-5030
John Boyd (E-K)952-681-5033
Sara Schnadt (L-Rh)952-681-5035
Dawn McNeil (Ri-Z)952-681-5034
Bridget Michalek (EL Students)952-681-5048
Counseling Main Office952-681-5027
Counseling Fax952-681-5025
Elena Ebner, Counseling Secretary952-681-5022
Kelly Miller, Counseling Secretary952-681-5024
Kennedy Community Alliance: Melissa Riebel952-681-5039
Chemical Health Coordinator: Dawn McNeil952-681-5034
Police Liaison Officer: Kris Boomer952-681-5019
Health Associate: Kari Miller/Kim Syde952-681-5008
Psychologist: Kim Foltz952-681-5076
Social Worker: TBD952-681-5031
Activities Director: Jon Anderson952-681-5047
Activities Secretary: Lori Esser952-681-5012
Scheduling Secretary: Susan Vacanti952-681-5045
Parking Permits: Cary Askvig952-681-5000
Head Custodian: Brad Henry952-681-5005
Food Service: Michele Martin952-681-5004
Fax Machine: Administration952-681-5087
Fax Machine: Athletics952-681-5237
Fax Machine: Counseling952-681-5025
Activities Hotline952-681-5260
Building Reservations952-681-5283
Kennedy Activity Center, Front Desk952-681-5280
School Board Ambassador:  Tom Bennett952-884-7911

Harassment and Violence Reporting Form
Use this form to report issues relating to harassment and violence. Bloomington Public Schools maintains a firm policy prohibiting all forms of harassment and violence. Everyone is to be treated with respect and dignity. Harassment or violence by any student, teacher, administrator or other school personnel which creates an intimidating environment will not be tolerated under any circumstances.