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Decile Chart

Decile Rank Determination

Decile rank is calculated by grouping the grade point averages (GPA) for all the students within a grade into ten, equal-sized populations based on the most recent grade point average. For example, if there are 500 students in grade 10, approximately 50 students will be placed in the highest decile (Decile 1), 50 students in the second decile, etc.1 Students will be ranked by decile at the end of each term, beginning with the first term of grade nine. The charts below show the current decile ranks for Kennedy High School for each grade. The charts will be updated approximately four weeks after the end of each term.

Decile 1: 90th Percentile3.8893.8973.7763.850
Decile 2: 80th Percentile3.7223.6153.5973.639
Decile 3: 70th Percentile3.5093.4353.4193.399
Decile 4: 60th Percentile3.2813.2223.2213.165
Decile 5: 50th Percentile3.1112.9572.9722.982
Decile 6: 40th Percentile2.8232.6682.7742.786
Decile 7: 30th Percentile2.5602.3662.5342.523
Decile 8: 20th Percentile2.1671.9872.2732.318
Decile 9: 10th Percentile1.6331.4251.7981.928
*Updated 01/09/2019