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Kennedy Counseling Main Group

Kennedy Counselors support students with academic, career/post secondary, and personal/social development.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my student's counselor?
You can figure out who your student's counselor is by visiting the Kennedy Counselors page.

What scholarships are available?
Scholarship, grant, and financial aid information can be found on the Career & College Center page.

How do I request a transcript or letter of recommendation?
Follow the directions on this document.

How do I change my schedule?
Complete the Schedule Change Request Form and return the form to the counseling office secretary.

How to I register as a student at Kennedy?
Print out the Enrollment Checklist and visit the district Enrollment Process website for more information.

How to I apply for financial aid?
Financial aid information can be found on the Career & College Center page.

Counseling appointment needed? Please contact the counseling secretary at 952-681-5027
Contact us:
Counseling: 952-681-5027
Attendance: 952-681-5002
FAX: 952-681-5025